Tuesday, 31 January 2017

More... by Aditi Agarwal, Student, Economics (H), Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University


Lying under the blanket of stars,
I see so much more.
I see myself riding the horse past the full moon 
On a clear starlit night. 
I see the possibilities of tomorrow, 
Shining bright.
I see myself running alive amongst those yellow daffodils, 
With the joy bursting forth.
Listening to the waterfall, 
Gushing right outside my window
I hear so much more.
I hear the sounds of happiness,
A melody that’s rare.
I hear the song of the wind, 
Distinctive in my ears.
I hear tomorrow calling for me to
Take a step.
One step.

Feeling the sense of completeness overtake me,
I feel so much more.
I feel the need to smile without a reason.
I feel the need to let go of all the digressions.
I feel the need to write.
I feel the need to write,
with the essence of my soul as the ink, 
And my life as the paper.
I feel the need to bleed with my words
All over the blank canvas of time.