Friday, 31 August 2018

A Student’s Life - Misses and Balances by Archana Narula, Content Writer, New Delhi

A Student’s Life - Misses and Balances…

I feel each one of us, no matter at what stage in our life, do remember and love to go back to our school days. Some memories make us smile while others make us repentant. 
Surely those prime 14-16 years of our life leave an impression which is so influential on our entire lives. So it is indeed important that these initial enthusiastic years of our life are happy, rightly directed and lay a sound foundation for the rest of our lives. 
A student’s life is so full of vigour and enthusiasm. We just want to do anything and everything. To achieve high grades, to increase the friend list, to be the star in whatever way we can. 
The energy we hold at this age is so tremendous to overcome anything and achieve what we determine to. This age crosses all emotional and mental barriers to achieve whatever we aspire for. 
What we need to ask ourselves is a simple question - Are we running at a right pace? Is it crumbling and overcoming others or is it walking, treading, enjoying and being together?  
At the end of the day, this succeeding, surpassing and wining might get you an appreciation but is that all what you desire or is there more to it? 
Tomorrow you may end up becoming a doctor, banker, engineer or a highest level professional but will you be a happy person? What matters the most is – Are you Happy today and tomorrow? 

Before we try to find answers, we need to understand a simple fact that: 
Karma + Destiny = You. 

Here both the factors are important. Be it Karma that is your thoughts/ actions or destiny that is Fate – what life has in store for you. 

Life comes with so many choices and opportunities. Which path you tread on is important when at the crossroads in your life. 
And here comes the importance of your Imbed Value system which helps you make right choices at the right time.  
It is this value system which helps us distinguish between right and wrong.  
Being young students we have an independent life to lead, a future in the process of designing; here it is important for us to individually abide ourselves  
by values and ethics and proceed at a pace walking along with others; helping those who need help. 
Don’t forget that its man’s efforts that a make hell lot of difference but its that subtle value system that make the decisive difference in what you are today and where you land up tomorrow.